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Gaited Horse Saddle

A gaited horse saddle is specifically designed to provide more freedom for the horse's shoulders to perform the high-stepping movement that many gaited breeds are known for.

What's a gaited horse? Well, it's basically a horse that, through breeding and training, does not trot. All of their gaits, which vary among the different breeds, are four-beat gaits, resulting in a smoother ride for the rider. There are many gaited breeds, but a few of the most popular include Tennesse Walkers, Foxtrotters, Paso Finos, Rocky Mountain Horses, and Icelandic horses.

Some gaited horses will do just fine with traditional western saddles with quarter horse bars, but for most breeds, and for those who are showing and really going for that high-stepping style, a gaited saddle will provide a better fit.

Typical features of a gaited horse saddle include:

  • A saddle tree with gaited bars. These bars are set slightly narrower than quarter horse bars and have more flare at the front to minimize interference with shoulder action. The bars are also shorter so as not to interfere with the action of the hind legs.
  • The skirts are shorter to allow for the action of the hind legs.
  • The gullet is higher to allow for the typically higher withers of the high-stepping gaited breeds. The gullet is also wider at the front than at the back to allow for the bigger shoulder movement.
  • The saddle sits the rider further back on the horse to further free up the horse's shoulders to perform the high-stepping gaits.

As the baby boomer generation ages, and as more and more people start riding in their later years, gaited horses are gaining in population. That smooth ride can be a god-send for those with bad backs. Most folks, however, will find that they won't need to buy a special saddle for their gaited horse.

THE absolute best place to shop for gaited horse saddles and tack is National Bridle Shop. NBS has been serving the gaited horse and rider community since 1947 and are experts on fitting the gaited horse. National Bridle has a large selection of gaited saddles and tack, including the Brenda Imus 4-Beat line and their own, high quality Tennessean line.

So, if you have a gaited horse, you'll want to talk to the folks at NBS.
Visit: NationalBridle.com
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NBS Catalog

You can also find a selection of new and used Gaited Saddles in our eBay Tack shop.

IMUS 4Beat Gaited Saddle Tennessean Gaited Saddle
IMUS 4Beat Gaited Saddle
Tennessean Gaited Saddle



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