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Flex Tree Saddle

The flex tree saddle is a relatively new invention that’s become a very popular seller among manufactured saddles.

A flex saddle tree has a rigid fork and cantle made out of wood or ralide (a very tough plastic material), but has bars made of a flexible material. Some manufacturers make the bars entirely out of a plastic or rubber product while others combine leather with the synthetic materials.

The goal is a tree that will move more with the horse and fit a wider range of horses. The construction and materials on a flex tree saddle are usually designed to create a light, close contact saddle. This design makes for a nice trail saddle but it's lighter construction will somewhat limit it’s long-term durability.

There’s a wide range of saddle styles and brands available with flex trees. There's also a wide range of quality and pricing. They are definitely not all created equal, and a flex tree does not automatically equate to proper fit. While we remain convinced that a high quality, well-fitted, solid wood tree is the best choice, in the end, it all comes down to quality. A high quality flex tree is a better choice than a low quality solid tree.

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