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The Flank Cinch

The flank cinch, also called the rear or back cinch, holds the back end of the saddle down on the horse's back during extreme activity such as roping or fast stops. A saddle with both a flank and front cinch is called a double rig.

To work correctly, it must be tightened enough to engage if the saddle begins to tip up. If it is too loose, it will not only not prevent tipping, it can be a safety hazard as the horse's foot could easily get hung up in it.

It is a common misconception that a flank cinch will prevent a saddle from moving forward on a horse during downhill riding. It will not. If this is your goal, you would need to add a crupper to your saddle. A crupper is a piece that connects to the back of the saddle and goes around the base of the horse's tail.

Rear cinches are almost always made of leather. There are buckles at both ends that connect to the flank billets. There will be a cinch connecting strap that holds together the flank and the front cinches. Most will have long keepers at both ends to store the loose ends of the billets which prevents a rope from getting hung up.


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