Eclectic Horseman’s Saddle Classifieds

July 16, 2009 by  
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If you’re a fan of the buckaroo style saddle and are looking to buy one used, then make sure to check out Eclectic Horseman’s website. They have a classified section where there are usually a number of high quality used buckaroo style saddles. These aren’t inexpensive saddles – usually running $2000 and up – but most are very high quality custom saddles well worth the price

As I write this post I see listings for these saddles on the Eclectic Horseman site:

  • Steve Mecum Wade Saddlee
  • Kent Frecker Lady Wade:
  • Cary Schwarz Wade:
  • John Visser Saddle on Ray Hunt Tree:
  • Jeremiah Watt Wade saddle:
  • Dave Hoover Custom Wade Saddle:
  • Robert Chavez- Saddle for sale:
  • Watt Brothers Saddle for sale:
  • Twain Harwood Saddle
  • Chas Weldon saddle:
  • Saddle For Sale – Mike Franchini custom wade:

That’s a list of some mighty fine saddles.