Western Saddle Brands

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Through the years there have been thousands and thousands of saddle makers. Some are individual craftsman creating saddles one-by-one by hand. Others are sizeable companies producing great numbers of saddles using sophisticated machinery.

A few¬†of these companies have been in business for over 100 years. Some are very new to the market. Some companies create a single brand. Others create a number of brands that they “white label” to another company who then markets the saddles under their own brand. Because of this increasing splintering of the the saddlemaking market it’s harder and harder to tell the origins of individual brands … and you particular saddle.

Below is a lengthy, but not complete, list of current production (i.e. made all or partially by machine) western saddle brands. You can find information on many of these makers in our Western Saddle Brand Directory. You’ll also find a listing of new and new used western saddles categorized by saddle brand for sale on ebay in our Tack Shop.

Alamo Saddles
American Saddlery
Abetta Saddles
Big Horn Saddles
Billy Cook Saddles
Billy Royal Saddles
Blue Ridge Saddles
Buffalo Saddles
Circle S Saddles
Circle Y Saddles
Corriente Saddles
Crates Saddles
Dakota Saddles
Dale Chavez Saddles
Double J Saddles
Fabtron Saddles
Imus 4-Beat Saddles
King Series Saddles
McCall Saddles
Martin Saddlery
Ortho Flex Saddles
Reinsman Saddles
Rocking R Saddles
Royal King Saddles
Saddle King Saddles
Saddlesmith of Texas Saddles
Showman Saddles
Silver Royal Saddles
Simco Saddles
Souther Trails Saddles
Tex Tan Saddles
Tucker Saddles
Wintec Saddles

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One Response to “Western Saddle Brands”
  1. Barb says:

    I picked up a older Big horn, it is beautiful but needs some refreshing. I would like to know more about it so i am posting the number on it. P517. If anyone knows anything please let me know.Thanks, Barb

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