Used Saddle Pick of the Week: 16″ Genuine Billy Cook Wade Saddle

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The “Used Saddle Pick of the Week”

Every week we scour the Internet searching for a particularly juicy bargain on a high quality used western saddle and feature it here on the WSG Saddle Blog. The saddles featured are listed for sale on ebay as of the date of the post.

Checking out our Picks each week will give you some great insight into buying used saddles. Make sure to click through to the actual listing to see all of the photos and description from the seller.

The Western Saddle Guide is not the seller of the saddles featured and does not make any representations about them. We encourage all potential buyers to do their own due diligence on the seller and the saddle before purchasing.


Last week’s pick, a very good saddle, was left unsold. The 16″ Dakota Trail Saddle is solidly built and would make someone a good ride for a lifetime.


Billy Cook Wade SaddleThis week we go back to a classic brand – Billy Cook; or more specifically, Genuine Billy Cook. The “Genuine” label is used to distinguish the saddles being  produced in Sulphur, Oklahoma (the “Genuine” article) from the Billy Cooks being made by Longhorn in Greenville, Texas.  A while back Billy Cook needed to raise some cash and sold the Billy Cook name to Longhorn, but is somehow still able to make saddles under the Billy Cook brand. So Longhorn Billy Cooks carry a “Greenville, Texas” mark and the Genuine Billy Cooks carry a Sulphur, Oklahoma mark.

Now, which ones are worth your while? Definitely the Genuine version. Better quality materials. Better craftsmanship. Always look for the “Sulphur, OK” mark.

This week’s saddle is a 16″ Genuine Billy Cook Wade Saddle. Billy Cook describes these saddles as a “Hard Seat,” but don’t let that scare you away. It’s just a way to distinguish it from a padded seat. You won’t find a padded seat on a “real” Wade saddle. Uh uh. Just not done. If you’re a regular reader, you know that the Wade tree saddle is our favorite riding saddle.

The seller has this listed as a used saddle but I’ll be darned if I could tell the difference from a new one. This saddle brand new lists at about $1500.  So the Buy it Now price of  $799 for a saddle that looks like it hasn’t even been on a horse is a good buy. But the seller also has a “Make an Offer” option, so if you’re interested, you may try to get him to bite for less.

We Present the Saddle Blog’s Used Saddle of the Week:
16″ Genuine Billy Cook Wade Saddle

Check out other Billy Cook Saddles for sale in our tack shop.

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2 Responses to “Used Saddle Pick of the Week: 16″ Genuine Billy Cook Wade Saddle”
  1. vaquerogirl says:

    I would like this saddle except for one thing. The fenders seem to hang too low under the jockey, and the solid skirting under the fender seems very thick. Though you can swing your leg forward and back, there won’t be a lot of feel under your legs. What are your thoughts on this?

  2. Saddle Sense says:

    Hi, Vaquerogirl,
    I’m not really sure I understand your concern about the fenders hanging “too low” and the skirting being thick. That’s all very typical with a Wade saddle. These are heavy working saddles designed to stand up to the hard use of a working cowboy (or cowgirl). You can see a high quality custom Wade by Robert Chavez (my personal saddle) here: You’ll see the same style fenders and the same thick leather as on the Billy Cook. But despite this heft, the Wade is designed to sit low on the horse and provide surprisingly close contact. That’s why it’s become so popular as a great riding saddle.

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