Used Saddle Pick of the Week: 16″ Dakota Trail Saddle

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The “Used Saddle Pick of the Week”

Every week we scour the Internet searching for a particularly juicy bargain on a high quality used western saddle and feature it here on the WSG Saddle Blog. The saddles featured are listed for sale on ebay as of the date of the post.

Checking out our Picks each week will give you some great insight into buying used saddles. Make sure to click through to the actual listing to see all of the photos and description from the seller.

The Western Saddle Guide is not the seller of the saddles featured and does not make any representations about them. We encourage all potential buyers to do their own due diligence on the seller and the saddle before purchasing.


Surprisingly, last week’s “Pick,” a really nice 14″ Vintage Schoellkopf “Jumbo” Trail Saddle, is still waiting for a bid. With a “Buy It Now” price of just $325, you might want to take another look.


This week we chose a production brand that we’ve been a fan of for some time. Dakota has a record of building solid, if rarely flashy, saddles.  That’s the kind of saddle we happen to like …. long on substance, short on sparkle. Unfortunately, it seems that “flashy saddles” are winning out over “good saddles” more and more. It’s a shame.

This week’s saddle is a 16″ Dakota Trail Saddle. It’s a used saddle, but certainly not used very much, as it’s in great condition. And this Dakota actually has a bit of flash, at least, for a Dakota, with some basket weave tooling.

This is a substantial, solidly built saddle that will deliver a nice ride for many, many years. In our book, that’s much more important than sparkle.

We Present the Saddle Blog’s Used Saddle of the Week:
16″ Dakota Trail Saddle

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2 Responses to “Used Saddle Pick of the Week: 16″ Dakota Trail Saddle”
  1. Jonn says:

    Hi; A fella in Alberta wants to sell his Price McLaughlin 15.5″ saddle. It looks good in the picture and comes with headstall, breast collar and pad. I’m 6′-1″ and 190 lbs so sort of tall and slim. I’ve never sat in one of these…do you think it will fit…what should I pay for it? Thanks!

  2. Saddle Sense says:

    Jeepers, it’s really not possible for us to answer these questions for you. We can tell you that a Price McLaughline is a fine saddle. High quality. But as to fit (yours and your horse’s) and value, that’s not something we can comment on.

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