Our Fave Western Riding Books For Your Holiday Gift List

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I love books. I love to receive them as gifts, and I love to give them as gifts.

I thought you might feel the same way, so I’m sharing my favorite western riding books. A great selection for the cowboy or cowgirl on your holiday list this year. And you just might want to circle a few of these great books for yourself and send your list off to Santa. But don’t bother with me. I already own every one.

The Western Horse’s Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book, by Joyce Harman, DVM. This is a book I talk about and recommend frequently … with good reason. Dr. Harman makes saddle fit accessible and understandable. Any western rider who is looking for true harmony with their horse, should own a copy of Dr. Harman’s book. Her companion DVD, Western Saddles: How To fit Pain Free, brings even more clarity with live demonstrations.
Western Saddle Guide ebooks Western Saddle Guide ebook Series. We worked hard to make this three-book series a collection that you won’t find anywhere else. We gathered all of our helpful and hard-to-find nuts and bolts information from our website into three printable guides that you can take with you anywhere. It’s a great reference for everything about the western saddle.
Cowboy Logic Cowboy Logic, by Ray Hunt. One of the greatest horsemen and teacher ever. Sadly, no longer with us, but he’s left this wonderful book full of Ray’s quirky sayings that really challenge your thinking about your riding, your horse and yourself. This is a tough book to get a hold of, but something that should be in your collection. You can buy it directly from the Ray Hunt website which is run by Ray’s widow, Carolyn.
Saddles of the West Saddles of the West, by David Stoecklein. This is my favorite coffee table book. Stocklein is such a great photographer of the western experience and his whole series of western books are wonderful. But this one hold a special place in my heart. I often go back to it and just turn the pages and soak it all in. I swear I can smell the leather and oils of each saddle.
Art of the Western Saddle The Art of the Western Saddle, by Bill Reynolds. My other fave coffee table book, this is a big, thick book filled with wonderful photos of gorgeous saddles from both yesteryear and today. It’s really a celebration of the western saddle and its craft. It’s a book you can get lost in.
Saddlemaking Construction and Repair Techniques Saddlemaking: Construction And Repair Techniques, by Dusty Johnson. Dusty is a longtime saddlemaker and runs his own saddlemaking school. His book has been the start for many an aspiring saddlemaker and is a wonderful gift for anyone thinking of trying his or her hand at this craft.

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