What’s an All Around Saddle?

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We see folks misunderstanding this saddle type quite a bit. To many people, an All Around saddle sounds like just the ticket – it will work for whatever type of riding I do, they reason. Just like its name says … it’s an All Around, right?

Well, actually, that’s not the case. An All Around saddle got it’s name as a saddle suitable for both ranch work and competition events. A cowboy could buy one saddle to work in and compete in.

Martin All Around Saddle

Martin All Around Saddle

As a result, an All Around saddle is a substantial saddle; large, and relatively heavy. It usually (ideally) is made with a wooden tree that can stand up to the pressures of roping and pulling. It’s also designed to be a comfortable ride for long hours in the saddle.

All Around saddles are commonly (and accurately) lumped with ranch saddles. The difference is usually cosmetic and degree. An All Around saddle will tend to have a bit more flash than a ranch saddle as it is often taken into the competition arena where sparkle is expected. All Around saddles can also be a bit lighter weight than a true working ranch saddle. But both are designed to be able to rope and dally off of.

All Around saddles can be a great choice for everyday riding as long as you understand that this saddle is not a lightweight trail saddle. We’re big fans of the Ranch and All Around saddle for everyday riding. We figure, if you’re going to be spending long hours in the saddle, it makes sense to choose the saddle type that working cowboys ride.

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2 Responses to “What’s an All Around Saddle?”
  1. Stacey says:

    I have one of the Martin All-Arounds with the adjustable rigging, and I LOVE it. It’s about 5-7 lbs lighter than our roping saddles, maybe 10 lbs lighter than my square skirted ranch cutter. It’s very comfortable and is a perfect fit for a hard-to-fit mare that I ride most.

  2. Saddle Sense says:

    Sounds like a real winner Stacey. Martin makes a very nice saddle. Enjoy.

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