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If you’re a fan of the buckaroo style saddle and are looking to buy one used, then make sure to check out Eclectic Horseman’s website. They have a classified section where there are usually a number of high quality used buckaroo style saddles. These aren’t inexpensive saddles – usually running $2000 and up – but most are very high quality custom saddles well worth the price

As I write this post I see listings for these saddles on the Eclectic Horseman site:

  • Steve Mecum Wade Saddlee
  • Kent Frecker Lady Wade:
  • Cary Schwarz Wade:
  • John Visser Saddle on Ray Hunt Tree:
  • Jeremiah Watt Wade saddle:
  • Dave Hoover Custom Wade Saddle:
  • Robert Chavez- Saddle for sale:
  • Watt Brothers Saddle for sale:
  • Twain Harwood Saddle
  • Chas Weldon saddle:
  • Saddle For Sale – Mike Franchini custom wade:

That’s a list of some mighty fine saddles.

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2 Responses to “Eclectic Horseman’s Saddle Classifieds”
  1. Paul says:

    I was given a saddle that is marked behind the seat as follows

    Fort Worth

    i am trying to find out a little about the maker and quality of saddle

  2. Saddle Sense says:

    Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to respond to requests from folks researching specific saddles, saddle makers, or brands.

    There have been thousands of makers through the years and very little information is available on any but the most famous brands (i.e. Heiser, Hamley, Porter, etc) We recommend searching the Internet, or you’ll also find a limited amount of information about a finite number of saddle makers in the book, Old Cowboy Saddles and Spurs, Seventh Edition by Gretchen and Mike Graham, available from Amazon.

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