Savvy On-Saddle Cinch Storage Technique

May 22, 2009 by  
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Do you ever find yourself carrying your saddle with the cinch dragging on the ground? This is a problem worth solving and, fortunately, easily solved.

Many people just simply throw their latigo and cinch over the their saddle seat when unsaddling. While this is an easy technique, it’s not a very savvy one. The straps can easily fall down, getting stepped on, dirtied and damaged. And, well, it just looks sloppy.

Instead, learn this easy technique for securing your cinches (works for both front and flank cinches), and you’ll keep your tack in good shape, and establish yourself as a savvy horseman.

1. With both cinches unfastened, go to the off side (right side) to secure them.
2. Hang your flank cinch buckle on the buckle tongue of your front cinch buckle as shown in Photo 1.
3. Thread the saddle keeper under the cinch buckle and hook it on the buckle tongue as shown in Photo 2 and 3.

The cinches will now hang securely and neatly and are ready for your next ride.

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