Saddle Repairs & Alterations: Saddle Specialists Only

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We receive quite a few inquiries from folks looking for somewhere to have their saddle repaired or altered (i.e. their fenders shortened). The advice we always provide is to seek out a local saddlemaker. Most saddlemakers, in addition to building custom saddles, will also do repairs and alterations.

It’s important to have someone very knowledgeable with saddles do your repairs and alterations rather than someone who is just a leather craftsman or shoemaker (yes, some claim to be able to do saddle repairs).

Saddles are much more than just pieces of leather and having a non-specialist do the repair or alteration can jeopardize the structure and balance of the saddle for you and your horse. Make sure you use only saddlemakers or saddle repair/restoration specialists.

If you need a source for local saddlemakers, make sure to check out our Custom Saddle Makers Directory. Not all will do repairs and alterations, but we think you’ll find that most will.

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2 Responses to “Saddle Repairs & Alterations: Saddle Specialists Only”
  1. Irv Benzion says:

    Is there anyway to remove indents on a saddle and fender?

    Glad to see you are again helping the helpless like me.

    Irv Benzion

  2. Saddle Sense says:

    Hi, Irv,
    We’re happy to be back. As far as removing indents …. well, i think you’ll, unfortunately have to live with them. It’s hard to get leather to go back to it’s original shape. But my view is that at all the signs of wear on a saddle is what makes it interesting and actually more attractive. I love looking at old weathered saddles and imagining the miles they’ve seen.

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