How To Ship Western Saddles

We received a question from "Ben," a visitor and Saddle Sense newsletter subscriber, asking what was the best way to ship a western saddle.  We thought that was a great question and something we should share with all of our readers.

To make sure we had the expert answer, we turned to our friend, Bobby Beech, owner of National Bridle Shop – Gaited horse and rider specialists.  National Bridle sells and ships a whole lot of saddles out of their shop in Lewisburg, Tennessee.


This is what Bobby says:

  1. Remove all of the accessories from the saddle (stirrups, cinches, breast collars, etc.) and pack them separately.
  2. Place the saddle upside down and tuck the fenders inward toward the sheepskin lining.
  3. Wrap the saddle with bubble packing, circling the entire saddle like a hug.
  4. Use tape to secure the bubble packing in place.
  5. If you have a saddle bag, place the saddle inside the saddle bag for easier handling.
  6. Place the saddle inside a box large enough and sturdy enough for shipping.
  7. Fill any empty area with additional packing material.
  8. Tape securely with strong packing tape.


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