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February 16, 2007 by  
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I would estimate that well over half of the emails and questions I receive are about saddle fit. So, while I believe it’s not as complicated as some folks make it out to be, it’s obvious people are looking for answers. There’s quite a bit of saddle fit information on the Western Saddle Guide site, but there’s always more to know.

Western Saddles: How To Fit Pain-Free“>Western Saddles: Pain Free Fit . The DVD is a very throrough and straight forward presentation with Dr. Harman actually demonstrating all of her explantions using various saddles and horses. It’s much easier to understand when you can see it with your own eyes.

While Dr. Harman is a vet and a back pain specialist, she’s plain-spoken and does a great job of making the subject matter very accessible for the non-expert. By the end of the DVD, I think you’ll have the confidence you need to make your own saddle fit decisions.

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