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Saddle Blanket Bar and Rack

The saddle blanket bar and rack are for storing pads and blankets when they're not in use. Hanging them up allows air to circulate, drying the material quicker and preventing them from getting moldy and musty. Bars and racks also help to keep your tack tidy, clean, and in good shape.

blanket bar Hanging your blanket up after a ride is a good habit to get into. Throwing it somewhere in a pile, or worse, placing your wet blanket on top of your saddle (which seems to be a an all too common bad habit), is bad for your tack and for your horse who'll have to wear that skanky blanket on the next ride.

saddle pad rack
Blanket bars and racks can be wall-mounted, free-standing, or portable. Most are made from steel, but portable models are often made from heavy plastic. They can be designed to hold a single blanket or as many as 10 or more pads. Many of the designs allow the bars to collapse or fold out of the way when they're not in use.

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