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Barrel Racing Saddle

Barrel racing saddles are designed for speed. They are the smallest and lightest of the western saddle types. The well-designed barrel saddle will secure the rider and maximize maneuverability through hard turns and fast sprints. In addition to barrels, these saddles are suitable for a variety of eventing games.

Typical features of a barrel saddle include:

  • A deep seat to hold in the rider
  • A thin and taller horn for the rider to grab onto during hard turns
  • A higher fork with relatively wide swells to secure the rider
  • Rough-out seat, fenders, and side jockeys for extra grip
  • Relatively high cantle for security
  • Free swinging fenders to allow the rider to keep her legs underneath her center of gravity
  • Narrow stirrups to hold the foot in place
  • Front cinch only. No flank cinch
  • In-skirt rigging
  • Shorter skirts. Round skirts used to be the norm, but square skirts are now in fashion.
  • Lighter weight; usually under 30 pounds

With females comprising the majority of barrel racers, barrel saddles can often have a flashy look with a bold use of color and materials such as ostrich leather. It's all about style, darlin'.

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