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How To Attach a Latigo to Your Saddle

The latigo (or cinch strap) is a saddle part that wears out quickly with regular use. You should inspect it every time you ride and replace it when it shows signs of wear. Latigos are relatively inexpensive ($10-$25), certainly much cheaper than having a wreck due to a busted latigo when you're out riding.

Follow these easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions and you'll have that new latigo ready to go in no time.

1. Latigos come in the traditional latigo leather and in nylon. Each type will come with a short, narrow piece of pliable leather that's used to attach the latigo to the saddle rigging ring in a nifty way that makes for a very secure tie. If you've lost this piece, you can improvise by cutting a leather strip or using a pliable lace that is narrow enough to fit through the holes.

Photo 1

2. One end of the latigo usually has a series of vertical holes for hooking to the cinch buckle. The other end will have two sets of three holes, with each hole set forming a triangle, as shown in Photo 1.

Photo 2
3. Fold the end of the latigo with the triangle hole sets over the saddle ring, feeding the leather underneath and over the ring. Fold over the end so that the two triangle hole sets line up as shown in Photo 2.
Photo 3
4. Insert one end of the leather string through each of the two holes on the bottom of the triangle as shown in Photo 3. Pull the string through both layers of the leather so that you have two even lengths. Don't pull the strings tight, but rather leave the loop that's formed loose.
Photo 4
5. Put the two ends together and feed them through the top hole back to the front of the latigo as shown in Photo 4. This is often a tight squeeze and you'll have to work them through.
6. Feed both ends of the string underneath the loop connecting the two bottom holes as shown in Photo 5.
Photo 6
7. Pull the ends through and tighten the string. Once the lace is tight, this is a very secure attachment.

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