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Arabian Saddle

An arabian saddle (also called an arab saddle) is designed specifically for the unique conformation of the arabian breed. With short, broad backs and low, flat withers, arab horses can sometimes be difficult to fit with a traditional western saddle with quarter horse bars. While many arabs do just fine with traditional western saddless, others can have problems with gullets that rub on the withers and skirts and bars that are too long and put pressure on the loins and cause chafing. For these horses, an arab saddle is a good solution.

Typical features of an arab saddle include:

  • A saddle tree with arabian bars which are shorter, set wider, and have more curve to follow the curvature of the arabian horse's back
  • Skirts no longer than 27 inches, usually round, to fit the shorter back
  • Gullet widths typically from 6 1/4" to 6 3/4", but can be found up to 7 1/2 ". The pitch of the angle of the gullet will be flatter to fit the flatter withers
  • Come in different styles includiing endurance, trail, and show versions.

If you're interested in the arab breed, you might want to visit Majeztic Arabians. In addition to selling beautiful and well bred arabs, the Majeztic site has wonderful foaling photos and a helpful pedigree research section.

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