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The Lariat Group is a Montana-based company of horse lovers dedicated to providing in-depth and comprehensive information websites about the world of horses and riding.

The Western Saddle Guide website is the first property created by The Lariat Group. The site developed out of a frustrating research effort prior to buying a custom saddle. It was surprising to find how little information about western saddles existed on the Internet, with most of what was available very superficial. We thought there might be others who were looking for the same type of comprehensive information we were, and so Western-Saddle-Guide.com was born.

Our mission is to provide the most far reaching information on western saddles available. Whether you're just starting out with horses or are a seasoned horseman, you'll find all the information you need to understand, choose, and care for the western saddle that's right for you.

Along the way we've found that our initial hunch was right. Folks are looking for information. Horse enthusiasts are turning to the web in droves to shop, research, and communicate about their passion - horses and riding.

We are pleaseed to announce that we've launched the English Saddle Guide, a sister site to Western Saddle Guide, providing the same in-depth information about the classical side of riding.

We'd love to hear from you. Please contact us with your suggestions, questions, and comments.



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