Western saddles are both beautiful and functional.
The one thing they're not is simple.

Visit a saddle shop and you'll be amazed by all of the choices available. It can be confusing and even overwhelming for both novice and experienced riders.

We created this website to answer all of your saddle questions. Whether you're just starting out with horses or are a seasoned horseman, you'll find all the information you need to understand, choose, and care for the western saddle that's right for you. The Western Saddle Guide makes sense of it all in simple, down-to-earth terms.

Why are there so many different types of western saddles?
Why is the saddle tree so important?
Which saddle will fit my horse?
Should I buy a new or a used western saddle?
What size saddle seat do I need?
What do all the different types of saddle rigging mean?

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The Saddle Gallery!
An unmatched visual reference of the western saddle. The Saddle Gallery is chock full of photos of saddles of every type, brand, maker, and age.

We invite you to submit a photo of your saddle and you, too, can be starring in the Saddle Gallery!

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Directories of Saddle Brands and Custom Saddle Makers! Find contact information for the companies and custom makers making saddles today.

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Used Saddle Pick of the Week
Every week we scour the Internet searching for a particularly juicy bargain on a high quality used western saddle!

This week's Pick:
16" Genuine Billy Cook Wade Saddle

Billy Cook Wade Saddle



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